Plug and Play Digital Signage overview

Premium play & play digital signage

Our premium range consist of the screen with a rear printed protection cover glass  to give it the slick ‘tabletesque’ look

Premium range


High Brightness plug & play digital signage

For those applications where a high brightness display is required, we have three levels to choose – from 700cd to 2500cd.

700cd High vibrant

1500cd High Bright

2500cd Ultra High Brigh


Plug and play monolith totems

Our indoor totems allows for digital signage where you may not have the ability to have a permanent install.

Single sided totems

Double sided totems

High brightness totems


Large format plug and play digital signage

The new large format range offers sizes from 65″ up to a huge 86″.  At this size, they’re sure to be seen.


CDS Plug and play digital signage is the quickest, easiest and lowest cost form of displaying simple full-screen looping content on a digital screen.

Easy use digital signage – The CDS ‘digital signs’ are configured when initially installed, which includes:

CDS believes this range of plug and play digital signage is ideal for you and your business if you are looking to inform, advertise, or improve your customers experience. The free digital signage software (see below) that comes with the screens (upon request) allows you to push digital content easily and take full control. The CDS range begins from 19″ upwards but we can also offer a customised bespoke service for specific projects where we can custom manufacture screens to your exact requirements.

These very flexible Plug and Play digital signage has two methods for updating content.  Both methods include the need to be in the same location as the screen to manually insert a USB stick.


When the content needs updating, it is simply the case of downloading the selection of video’s and still image content onto a USB stick from a WINDOWS based computer. Once this USB is plugged into the digital screen, the content will transfer automatically from the USB stick to the digital screen. When the USB stick is removed, the uploaded content will continue playing on the digital screen looping once it has finished.


CDS have a FREE schedule software package.  This allows more flexibility in the way the content is played giving the ability to schedule multiple playlist on the same screen at different times of the day.  The playlists are created on any normal windows PC using our FREE software and exported to a USB stick.  This USB stick is then inserted as per the standard upload method.