Android Touch Monitors

Commercially competitive quality solutions  
Sizes 32″, 43″, 49″, 55″

Why are you paying more for your Android Display system?

Perhaps because it has functionality you do not need BUT are paying for?

The CDS Android digital screens are one of our extremely popular Digital Signage product range which give our customers the most cost-effective Android display system, as we have stripped away everything the customer may not need resulting in the perfect entry level promotional display for those companies wishing to simply add their own app or interactive screen to attract and interact with customers.

They have a high contrast high resolution wide viewing angle panel with brightness of 300cd/m², which is much brighter than many displays on the market. The contrast of a panel (and not just the brightness) is crucial and the commercial IPS (In-Plane Switching) with a 178° ultra-wide viewing angle, give our customers and the end user panels that accurately and vibrantly display the image quality and colour depth. It also gives the required flexibility as our panel solution is also optimised for mounting in either landscape or portrait orientations. The housing is designed with excellent air circulation to help ensure no overheating and aids reliability.

As the CDS Android Advertising Displays are fitted with the highest quality LCD displays with an environmentally low power LED backlight they are designed for 24/7 operating, and also include a long-life backlight of 50,000 hours to half brightness.

These entry level Android digital screens do not have software built in but if you would like a solution with software built in and a compatible CMS then please go to our Digital Poster products



Tabletesque design

The CDS Android Display has a tempered glass face, stylish rounded corners, black powder coated steel housing enclosure with slim profile and rounded bezel all add to its pseudo-tablet aesthetics and also protect the internal components from potential damage.

Multiple sizes coming soon

32” is the CDS standard size but other sizes will be available soon including 43”, 49” and 55” on the larger sizes. If you want a smaller version then please talk to our technical sales team.

Brings brands to life

Integrators and resellers can now take a low-cost solution to brands to bring their products to life with the CDS solutions.  Brands can add their own App to highlight and promote their products / services in various locations.

You control the solution

This solution is ‘software independent’ with NO software or ongoing hosting costs. They are intuitive and easy to use and has and it exceptionally easy to use with excellent optical performance.

The most competitive Android based digital display solution

Designed for 24/7 use, it is excellent for many applications, including: in-store information boards, educational apps, retail menu boards, corporate, Hotels, reception areas, presentation touch tables, product promotions and point of sale placements.

300cd IPS panel

The 300cd brightness FHD commercial grade panel offers an excellent 1920×1080 pixel.  The colour performance is second to none.  The images will give a superior quality display which will ensure that your marketing image will have maximum impact.

Google Playstore

Google Playstore is preinstalled, allowing for simple App uploads giving total flexibility in capability.

Wide viewing angle

All display display in this range us IPS technology LCD’s which is the technology that gives a wide viewing angle in all directions.  This ensures that the contact can be seen at all angles left right, up and down.

Optional HDMI input

We have an HDMI option should you want that dual functionality, which you simply request, and it is added. If you need to use the display as a monitor you can connect the screen to an external source, like a PC or your choice of media player by simply using the HDMI input.

FREE wall mount

The slick design is maintained when mounted to the wall utilising a FREE  slim wall mount (no additional cost) which enables either landscape mounting.  Alternatively, all displays have VESA mounting points for attaching to industry standard mounts and arms.

Lockable door

For security the connections are hidden behind a lockable door which includes a Micro SD Memory card expansion slot such for storage such as extra memory.

32″ Android 7.1 Touch Monitor

Android All In One Touch monitor featuring RK3399 2G+16G, with Android 7.1 OS (Min Order Qty 30pcs)

Part Number: CDS-320-ANDT-71-A1

Screen Diagonal32"
Display Area698.4x392.85 mm
Overall Size754x448.4x89.1 mm
Unit Price£ 715.00
Screen DiagonalResolutionBrightnessDisplay AreaOverall SizeVESAUnit Price
32"1920x1080300698.4x392.85 mm754x448.4x89.1 mm200x200£ 715.00

43″ Android 7.1 Touch Monitor

Android All In One Touch monitor featuring RK3399 2G+16G, with Android 7.1 OS (Min Order Qty 30pcs)

Part Number: CDS-430-ANDT-71-A1

Screen Diagonal43"
Display Area942.2x530.4 mm
Overall Size994.8x583x89.3 mm
Unit Price£ 893.00
Screen DiagonalResolutionBrightnessDisplay AreaOverall SizeVESAUnit Price
43"1920x1080300942.2x530.4 mm994.8x583x89.3 mm400x200£ 893.00

49″ Android 7.1 Touch Monitor

Android All In One Touch monitor featuring RK3399 2G+16G, with Android 7.1 OS (Min Order Qty 30pcs)

Part Number: CDS-490-ANDT-71-A1

Screen Diagonal49"
Display Area1074.8x605 mm
Overall Size1127.4x657.6x95.3 mm
Unit Price£ 1,183.00
Screen DiagonalResolutionBrightnessDisplay AreaOverall SizeVESAUnit Price
49"1920x10803001074.8x605 mm1127.4x657.6x95.3 mm400x400£ 1,183.00

55″ Android 7.1 Touch Monitor

Android All In One Touch monitor featuring RK3399 2G+16G, with Android 7.1 OS (Min Order Qty 30pcs)

Part Number: CDS-550-ANDT-71-A1

Screen Diagonal55"
Display Area1210.6x681.4 mm
Overall Size1263.2x734x95.3 mm
Unit Price£ 1,340.00
Screen DiagonalResolutionBrightnessDisplay AreaOverall SizeVESAUnit Price
55"1920x10803001210.6x681.4 mm1263.2x734x95.3 mm400x400£ 1,340.00