FREE Plug & Play playlist software

Take control of your screens locally and maximise your marketing impact

Our Plug & Play screens can be used in two ways

Loading the content onto a USB stick

After loading the content onto a USB stick, and inserting it into the screens USB port and the content will automatically be transferred onto the screen.

Once the USB stick is removed, the content will continue to loop as a single playlist.

The content can be a mixture of video / images.  The videos will play in full and the images will be displayed for a set time based on how the screen is set up.

Via our FREE playlist creation software

This allows more flexibility in the way the content is played.  The playlist are created on any normal windows PC and downloaded to a USB stick.  This USB stick is then inserted as per the standard upload method.

The advantages include:

    • It allows for multiple playlists to be uploaded on the screens.
    • Each playlist can be scheduled for an exact time during the day.  This is ideal for marketing different messages at different times of the day (i.e. restaurants)
    • It allows for still images to be displayed at varying times should you want one image to be displayed longer than another.
    • It allows for 9 different still image transitions.
    • It allows for a bespoke scrolling ‘ticker tape’ message.