Freestanding totems overview

Premium play & play digital signage

Our premium range consist of the screen with a rear printed protection cover glass  to give it the slick ‘tabletesque’ look

Premium range



High Brightness plug & play digital signage

For those applications where a high brightness display is required, we have three levels to choose – from 700cd to 2500cd.

700cd High vibrant

1500cd High Bright

2500cd Ultra High Brigh


Plug and play monolith totems

Our indoor totems allows for digital signage where you may not have the ability to have a permanent install.

Single sided totems

Double sided totems

High brightness totems


Large format plug and play digital signage

The new large format range offers sizes from 65″ up to a huge 86″.  At this size, they’re sure to be seen.

Large format range

CDS has broadened it is incredible range of freestanding totems, touchscreen totems and poster displays to include 50” and 55” freestanding displays (Monoliths) available as standalone digital posters, networked displays as well as interactive touchscreen options.

CDS can offer single sided or double-sided Freestanding totems and touchscreens and digital posters and options of black or white coloured housings as standard.  But also offer fully customised floor standing solutions whether it be the screen size, housing design and colour or product performance.

The Android Freestanding Digital Totems are equipped with a built-in HD media player, allowing customers to update these units using a simple USB memory stick. Upload your images / videos onto the USB memory stick and simply insert it into the totem, which then copies the files onto its internal flash memory. Then simply remove the pen drive and the totem will then start playing the pictures and videos in a continuous loop. The integrated networked media player (Android); makes installation very quick and simple even for non-technical operators. Normally network solutions require companies to invest in additional networking hardware which can complicate the installation process. There can be the problem of hardware and software coming from different sources and therefore dealing with root cause of problems. This is avoided with the CDS Totem solutions as any concerns you have with our freestanding Displays / Digital Signage CMS etc. will be dealt with by the CDS technical support team. You can rest assured with CDS that you have “one supplier and one solution.

As mentioned above the screens can be used as a ‘touch monitor’ if you connect your own PC or you can run your own touch software from the integrated Dual OS PC board with Windows or Android. Alternatively, you can use our new Touch Cloud Management System (content Management System) that puts the customer in control as one can create, deploy and touch your very own content on screen.  Although the screens have an integrated PC with two operating systems, there is also a possibility to attach external devices if required. Simply connect your device to the screen, via the HDMI (for the video signal) and USB (for the touch functionality).  The Freestanding totems and touchscreens will then serve as your computer monitor and the touch functionality controls the cursor, essentially acting as your mouse.

Features & Benefits of the CDS Freestanding totems and touchscreens

As well as this excellent ranges of floor standing Totems and Freestanding totems and touchscreens CDS we can offer wall mounted versions and highly robust outdoor waterproof and vandal resistant totems also available with touch interaction.  Please see the links below for those alternatives or call our technical support team to discuss your project and requirements so we can offer you the best freestanding totem product for your application.  If you wish to display digital information quickly and simply you need look no further than the CDS Freestanding Totem Displays.