HALO screens overview

Adding the Pizzaz
Sizes 21.5″, 23.8″, 27″, 32″ with a glowing HALO

Halo Retail Display Monitors

Halo Retail Display Monitors and LED Halo Display Monitors – For something a little different, Crystal Display Systems Ltd have added two new exciting displays to our range which we call HALO.  Originally developed for the gaming market they add a little PIZZAZZ to a standard monitor. The screens have an LED lighting strip around the edge allowing for a glow or ‘HALO’ effect adding attention to the screen.  The RGB LEDs can be controlled via remote control to allow flexibility and colour chasing effects.  Unlike many competitors products the LEDs are mounted on a rigid PCB (no adhesive strips) and have not hotspots or dark corners.

Halo Displays with LED strips

The range currently consist of a 23.8” and 27” size, with a FHD 1920×1080 resolution and wide 178/178 viewing angle.  The monitors can be used in landscape or portrait orientation and have a true black closed frame design. They are available is non touch or can incorporate a 10 point PCAP touch screen, which have a 3mm tempered glass for added strength.  The monitors are fully customisable subject to the requirement and we are able to look at other sizes.

Although originally designed for gaming and casinos, the LED Halo Display Monitors we are seeing more opportunities in other areas where the display is designed to be seen. This is the ultimate attractor display.  These Monitors could add value, and that all important WOW factor, for many industries including museums and heritage, retail stores, Exhibitions, theme parks. But also many other applications that want to get noticed and stand out from the crowd.

Are you looking for Monitor Displays that create that WOW Factor?  Well the CDS LED HALO casino and Gaming monitors give you that in a sleek slimline designed package resulting in an excellent reliable product available today.


Virtual demonstration video

HALO monitors 

Enjoy a brief demonstration from Tony Large who is showing the HALO range of displays in our workshop


** Most of our videos are not professionally shot with editing software and fancy effects. They are taken by us and they are raw.  You will see the real product with nothing hidden, we think this is the only way to show the product