High bright monitor solutions

In the realm of High bright monitor solutions and high brightness display solutions CDS has one of the widest and highest quality ranges available. We have increased our range of high brightness LCDS, bright LCDs and sunlight readable panels. 

It should also be noted that CDS understands that it is not just the brightness but also the contrast that is critical and so all CDS high bright monitor solutions consist not just of high brightness displays but also high contrast panels.

The CDS high bright display range has various options including the 700cd low-cost entry professional monitors, plug and play digital signage with 700cd brightness, plus the option of upgrading to a 700cd networked digital signage product. If the 700cd high contrast panel is not sufficient CDS has a great range of 1500cd panels.  These also include the professional high bright monitor, plug and play digital signage panel with 1500d brightness, also with the network option which is excellent for sunlight readable applications.

But as well as the above CDS offer the top of the range ultra-high brightness digital signage display solutions with 2500cd options but still retaining the upgradable options of professional monitor, Digital plug and play signage, and the fully networkable option.  Consequently, the CDS customers have a plethora of displays, brightness variances, sizes and upgradable options.  For many applications now ultra-high brightness is a requirement.

high brightness displays

The high brightness range may look like high bright TVs but are designed and manufactured in a much more robust and reliable way to ensure quality and reliability once installed and running 24/7. High brightness signage has to be looked at in a completely different way otherwise end users are going to have big problems. CDS tries to help customers avoid such issues down the line.

Effectively, CDS is offering customers a one stop shop for high brightness display solutions with many variances so each application has its own specific solution as well as customers having upgrade paths for the future.  CDS has seen on many occasions where customers have not had an upgrade path whereas CDS has now looked at future proofing for customers once they are ready to upgrade or change their chosen solution.

Please click on to the suitable products above or call our technical sales team to work on the best solution for you and your application, or even to show you a suitable demonstration model.