One of our biggest markets is retail digital signage

Having digital signage in the retail environment gives so many benefits.  It is proven that consumers are aware of advertising around them and will influence their purchasing decisions.  

As long as there has been retails outlets, there have been advertising.  Three for two offers, seasonal specials etc, there are so many ways that signage can help boost sales and posters have always been part of this.

Digital signage takes it to the next step.  Firstly, rather than just having one advertising campaign for “one poster every two weeks”, hoping that someone will remember to update it, it is now possible to have multiple products advertised in once space over the same period reinforcing the sales message over and over again.

With the ability to have multiple messages showing, the screens also act as an attractor.  The transition or high resolution still images and/or moving images pulls in the attention of passing  clients, catching the eye with changing colours and content.  This transforms a traditional ‘wallpaper’ poster into a modern advertising medium.

Our screens are eco-friendly.  We ensure all products are developed ensuring maximum performance vs power.  Many products also have internal timers which allow screens to automatically turn off/on the screens to reduce overall power usage.