Professional monitors overview

Budget friendly
professional monitors 

For use as a simple office monitor or a reception display our budget friendly range is a popular entry point at 450cd brightness

450cd HDMI monitors

High bright
professional monitors

Where something a little brighter is needed we have three levels to choose – from 700cd to 2500cd

High vibrance

1500cd High bright

2500cd Ultra high bright

4K large format
professional monitors

CDS are now able to offer the large format professional range in 4K resolutions.  With sizes from 65″ to a huge 86″ they’ll be sure to impress.

4K HDMI monitors

The CDS professional display monitors are designed for most professional applications equipped with HDMI and the design includes components suitable for 24/7 continuous use and are easy to integrate in any environment and have a number of configuration options. 

The Professional display Monitors Combine the amazing colour, contrast and vibrancy which make them suitable for many uses and applications including photographers, graphic designers, video editors, and many others.  These high performing Super Clear IPS widescreen monitors give the users an amazing colour precision and amazing detail for an optimized, colour managed workflow that many applications and professional content creators demand.

professional monitors

You may be looking for a cheap monitor, but these are not cheap but rather excellent Budget friendly professional monitors but giving you that excellent quality at a very low price. For use in many areas our budget friendly range is a popular entry point beginning with a brightness of 450cd.

Many monitor suppliers talk of ‘High bright’ but that can mean many things to many people so the CDS range begins at 450cd which for many is excellent. But for those that need a brighter solution we have three levels to choose from including 700cd, 1500cd and 2500cd monitors.

The most popular version of monitor is currently the full HD (FHD) 1920 x 1080 professional monitor but as our customers need high resolution options CDS has added 4K monitors.  So, we have increased our large format professional range with 4K resolutions, with sizes from 65″ to a significant 86″, which our customers have informed us have impressed end users and customers.

We believe that the CDS professional monitor range offers an excellent range of sizes, resolutions, and brightness versions to meet customer requirements and demands, and once they start using the CDS solutions these will exceed expectations.  These highest quality monitors are backed up and supported by CDS’s technical support team to ensure the optimum product and after sales support.

CDS also invites companies to talk to them about bespoke or custom solutions where the standard of the shelf monitors do not completely meet their requirements, as CDS does offer such a bespoke monitor service for many applications and markets.