Stretch Screens product overview

Amazing Ultra-panoramic solutions for the WOW effect
Sizes from 6.2″ to 88″

Stretched (Cut) Displays

Stretched Ultra-Wide Stretched Displays – CDS provide innovative Ultra-wide Stretched (Cut) Displays, also known as BAR / bar type / bar top displays. The ultra-wide aspect ratio is perfect for grabbing your audience’s attention, and the high brightness display or monitor gives perfect visual performance in a wide variety of applications whether that be in landscape or portrait mode.

These amazing displays can be used in a wide, varied amount of applications but can be seen to be tailored perfectly for gaming, vending, transportation, Audio Visual Museums and other LED signage projects. The contrast of brilliant cutting displays and high brightness displays and monitors can also expand your application field into the outdoor market with the CDS sunlight readable versions for outside or store windows in direct sunlight.

stretched displays

Features Stretched Ultra-Wide Stretched Displays: