TAURI temperature sensing tablets

Entry Temperature monitoring tablet
for use at entry points of a building


These videos have been created to make is easier for our integrators and client to familiarise themselves with the TAURI functionality and to help configure the tablets.  We are constantly developing new functionality – We recommend clients periodically check these videos to fully maximise the every increasing benefits of TAURI.


TAURI Video 1- CDS Display Corner demonstration

Tony Large demonstrates the TAURI range from within the CDS showroom.  We not have stocks available but they moving quickly.  We now have some large clients using TAURI technology as health safety has never been so important.

TAURI Video 2- How to incorporate Digital Signage as an attractor

Whilst the TAURI is not being used for checking the temperature it is important to remind the surrounding people to follow the current safety rules of the country and the premises.  The Digital Signage function allows for a simple looping video to be displayed ensuring that the correct message is always being shown.

TAURI Video 3 – How to integrate TAURI into third party applications using the integration function (API)

Where clients what to use the data from TAURI and use it in their own application TAURI has and API which allows this functionality.  This enable the TAURI to be even more powerful and flexible in the fight against the spread of disease.

The improved TAURI Temperature Tablets better than ever

The amazing temperature tablet TAURI from Crystal Display Systems has been improved and is better than ever with these latest product updates. All updates are cloud based which means newly developed features can be updated in just one quick click and ensure you have the latest up to date solutions.

The advanced features include as standard:

  • Rapid detection temperature within 1 second
  • Highly accuracy with tolerance at +- 0.3 degree Celsius
  • Refresh rate at 64Hz for increased efficiency
  • Calculated with an algorithm for object heat and constantly self-calibrates to the ambient environment
  • Touchless (often referred to as touch free) for ultimate hygiene
  • Integrated application providing clear and simple interactive user interface and experience
  • Versatile with 4 different sizes available for use in a range of environments
  • Flexible solution with VESA standard for easy mounting
  • Highest quality German made sensors, helping deliver the highest quality results.


Tauri is an unbeatable, standalone automatic systems that allow you to screen your customers, visitors, employees, everyone at the point of entry with ease and safety! Now it is integrated with mask detection and reminders to tell users to wear them. Also customised temperature result messages and personalised email notifications after high temperature is detected can be sent. Quality assured, personal, and customisable, safe and secure giving peace of mind for the return back to the new normality.

Our technical director Tony Large can be seen in the video below exploring the full range of the temperature checking TAURI tablets, showcasing the 10.1″, 15.6″ and 21.5″, explaining the features and benefits in real time. You can even see how accurate the tablets are as they detect Tony’s temperature as he demonstrates the technology, dropping the temperature range to show what happens when an “unacceptable” temperature is detected.