Touch screen Digital Signage overview

Interactive touch kiosks

Our touch kiosks allow easy / elegant wayfinding systems, catalogue or meet and greet solutions in standard sizes of 43″, 50 and 55″

Touch kiosks

Touch screen digital signage

Our touch screen monitors designed to be network compatible and our easy to use touchscreen content management system. 


For those clients who have their own application software, why not try our Android AIO touch monitor

Android monitors

Touch screen totems

The CDS 50″/ 55″ touch totems available in white or black are perfect for those areas where interaction is needed but space is limited

Touch totems

The sleek CDS Touchscreen Digital Signage and interactive displays will help you to gain attention and engage with your audience combined with the inspiring content you will create.

Touchscreen Digital Signage – The CDS range have state of the art PCAP (projected Capacitive) technology allowing for up to 40 touch points and a superior optical quality due to the high vibrant and high contrast screens resulting in a greater user experience.

The CDS touch kiosks present you with an easy / elegant wayfinding system, catalogue, or meet & greet solutions currently available in 43″, 50 and 55″ screen sizes. The touchscreen monitors are designed to be network compatible with our easy-to-use touchscreens, and content management system.  For those clients that have their own application software the excellent CDS Android AIO interactive touch solutions are an ideal solution.

The CDS 50″ and 55″ freestanding touch totems are available in white or black and are perfect for those areas where interaction is required but space is limited.

touchscreen displays

Why CDS touch screen digital signage?

  1. Immediately gain the attention of visitors and customers with our Touchscreen Digital signage.
  2. Our dynamic displays with touchscreen capability allow customers, visitors, and staff to interact with the digital display screen.
  3. Our solutions allow you to install your own apps by downloading them from Google Play etc. Users can transfer their media files from a USB using Android file manager to upload images and video or even display web pages with which customers can interact via the touchscreens.
  4. Due to the touchscreen capability, the CDS touch screen digital signage do not require the use of a mouse, and you could even choose to install your own Android-based POS applications for browsing and ordering. Touchscreen digital signage has been shown to gain customer attention and engage them much more than non-interactive, non-digital signage.

Research* has shown that customers are more likely to show interest in signage and advertising that uses moving images, sound, and colour than they are with standard static images. This interest increases when the customer, or even a staff member, actively engages with the display. Active participation makes customers and guests feel involved and this will help your message or branding to stick out in their minds.

Touchscreens are an incredible way of getting your customers to engage with your business today. On average, digital signage captures 400%* more views than static signs, demonstrating it is an effective way to engage with your audience.

*Source: Digital Signage Today