Transparent Displays overview

The future of digital signage
Sizes from 5″ to  86″

Transparent displays and showcases

CDS has the widest range of its ClearVue Transparent showcase boxes offering the top the range and best quality of displays and imagery.  These products are one of the few that can combine real products with digital video content which are excellent for promoting and highlighting brands and products as well as

experiential marketing in general. These pseudo 3D showcases create the feeling of augmented reality before your eyes. End users can advertise and explain any type of product in a digital and vibrant form of presentation.  CDS offers the ClearVue transparent showcases in many sizes from 15″ up to an amazing 98“, with a number of different form factors including square and 16:9 widescreen, all utilising the excellent see-through LCD screen.

Interactive options – the ClearVue range can be equipped with a state-of-the-art multi-touch touchscreens to add an interactive layer on top of the display surface allowing the end user to click on content on the screen whether it be information, promotions or to engage an on-screen video etc.  As you can see these Translucent showcases are very flexible whilst offering amazing clarity and pizazz.  Customised bespoke transparent solutions available upon request.

Transparent Display

Touchscreen Features for the Translucent displays and showcases include

Material of the ClearVue Transparent displays and showcases


Transparency & Resolution = 15% excellent Transparency with resolutions including FHD (Full HD) 1920×1080 pixels up to ultra-high resolution 4K.  This combined with Ultra High Contrast screens result in a Brilliant vibrant images and content. Whether high-end products in the showroom, at trade shows or in stores. This tool is like a smart window – the transparent multi touch display introduces in a new era of product presentation.

Research has shown that digital screens such as these can INCREASE IN SALES by 35% and improve BRAND INTERACTION by 65%.

Transparent LCD Screens, Transparent displays and showcases and T-LCD panel kits

Don’t want a finished ClearVue showcase solution and prefer to develop / design your own housing then we have the Transparent LCD (T-LCD) Transparent LCD screens and kits to allow you to do that today, as many sizes are available from stock, allowing you to still offer an exciting way to engage with the audience but you control the design of the housing and apertures. The combination of CDS’s Full HD Transparent panels is ideal for many applications including Retail store windows, interactive displays, display cases, promotional showcases, vending machines, refrigerators and coolers.  Translucent LCDs are ideal when incorporated as a part of a showcase or display case, and CDS can offer customised bespoke displays or housings to give you the ideal solution whether it be for POS displays, exhibition stands, furniture or various display cabinets.

If you are interested in transparent Multi Touch Displays or ClearVue Showcases, do not hesitate to contact us via the options below.


Trnslucent showcases