Network ‘CLOUD’ Digital Signage overview

Premium network digital signage

Our premium range consist of the screen with a rear printed protection cover glass  to give it the slick ‘tabletesque’ look

Premium range



High Brightness network digital signage

For those applications where a high brightness display is required, we have three levels to choose – from 700cd to 2500cd.

700cd High vibrant

1500cd High Bright

2500cd Ultra High Bright


Network freestanding monolith totems

Our indoor totems allows for digital signage where you may not have the ability to have a permanent install.

Single sided totems CONTACT

Double sided totems CONTACT

High brightness totems CONTACT


Large format network digital signage

The new large format range offers sizes from 65″ up to a huge 86″.  At this size, they’re sure to be seen.

Large Format digital signage

The CDS cloud based Network digital signage solutions are easy, flexible, scalable, and extremely reliable, as well as enabling you to create & schedule content for your digital screens easily from the web, using your computer or smartphone etc. The CDS cloud based digital signage software allows users to deliver high resolution and vibrant content as well as real time information.

All the CDS cloud based Network digital signage can be controlled easily from one central location giving you a low cost hosted solution that grows as your company and its network grows.

The CDS systems are designed to be flexible for use in multiple markets including leisure, Education, retail, Corporate, Transportation, Medical / Healthcare, Hospitality and Entertainment venues all of which are benefitting from the CDS signage solutions. CDS can support you, whether it be a message board in a corporate board room to a large department store in a shopping mall. Whatever your requirement we have the solution for you.

The days of the ‘on-premise’ digital signage platforms are limited and very inflexible but with the CDS networked digital signage solutions your business can make the switch from digital signage hosted by on-site servers to those managed in the cloud from wherever you want in the world.

There are a number of reasons why cloud hosting is better. Firstly, on-premise solutions are outdated and can be inflexible and unwieldy. Secondly, the hardware costs can be very high to install and then maintain, as well as the numerous technical headaches you can come across. But more importantly, the main reason to switch to the CDS networked digital signage is that as the technology has improved and become cheaper and more robust you can now install a very reliable cost effective communications system.

The advantages include:


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