The CDS team have put together a number of videos to help show the full range of solutions and capability.  This is an ever increasing list so is worth while revisiting this page on a regular basis.

Most of our videos are not professionally shot with editing software and fancy effects. They are taken by us and they are raw.  You will see the real product with nothing hidden, we think this is the only way to show the product.

HALO Monitors

Originally designed for the casino and gaming markets, the HALO displays are being used more and more in the retail and digital signage environment.  
The surround of the displays consists of a HALO glow which can be controller to give numerous colour combinations from fixed colours to racing multi-colours’


TAURI temperature monitoring tablets

Out TAURI range consist of an industrial tablet which a high quality temperature sensor whose primary function is to check temperature at access points to a building.  


Square Monitors

The square monitors are a little unusual.  They have a perfect 1:1 (over very near to) ratio, they are able to fit in spaces where traditional display could not go. 
With sizes from 17″ to 42″ diagonal, the every increasing range gives so many more options. We also have options for touch integration for interactivity.


Displays corner is the Crystal Display Systems area for showcasing its excellent range of digital signage and retail displays as well as many other custom or bespoke display solutions. This area investigates and highlights many of the advantages and features of each individual display which can add real value to our customers and the end user’s application. Whether it be ultra-wide viewing angles, ultra-high brightness, longevity of supply, or the excellent reliability of the CDS displays we have a solution for all applications and if the display does not exactly meet your specification, we can look at semi-custom and bespoke digital signage to your exact specifications. Interfacing of these displays is obviously a critical factor and CDS offers plug and play solutions with an easy USB pen drive update, or android based digital signage, or cloud based connectable displays for remote access which means you know that at CDS they have a solution for you and it is backed up and supported by true engineering support rather than technicians that have learned on the job and potentially lack that depth of knowledge that is critical.


Mechanical designs will also be important with CDS having a very wide range of mechanically differing solutions whether it be freestanding, wall mounted, double sided displays, shelf edge displays, high resolutions LED displays, table top Point of Sale (POS) Displays, as well as many other solutions being added so please keep an eye on the CDS displays corner space for the latest solutions whether it be standard off the shelf or customised bespoke solutions including touchscreen interactive options on most products.


What display solution do you need?  Talk to our technical support team to get you the optimum display solution. Our rapid response system will mean we can help you get an advantage over your competition as you see and receive the latest technologies and services.