The CDS team have put together a number of videos to help show the full range of solutions and capability.  This is an ever increasing list so is worth while revisiting this page on a regular basis.

Most of our videos are not professionally shot with editing software and fancy effects. They are taken by us and they are raw.  You will see the real product with nothing hidden, we think this is the only way to show the product.

HALO Monitors

Originally designed for the casino and gaming markets, the HALO displays are being used more and more in the retail and digital signage environment.  
The surround of the displays consists of a HALO glow which can be controller to give numerous colour combinations from fixed colours to racing multi-colours’


TAURI temperature monitoring tablets

Out TAURI range consist of an industrial tablet which a high quality temperature sensor whose primary function is to check temperature at access points to a building.  


Square Monitors

The square monitors are a little unusual.  They have a perfect 1:1 (over very near to) ratio, they are able to fit in spaces where traditional display could not go. 
With sizes from 17″ to 42″ diagonal, the every increasing range gives so many more options. We also have options for touch integration for interactivity.