Digital Signage is important

Published: 19 April 2021

Why Digital Signage?

In a pandemic era where uncertainty is at a high, one thing we all agree on being certain is the continuous importance of real-time information and data. As we all come to digest and understand that the working world will never be the same again. This is why Digital Signage is important.

Digital signage is a key tool for supporting this evolving workplace culture. Popular display screen technologies should be utilised for creating relevant and innovative spaces for work, leisure and more. Here at CDS we have an extensive range of digital signage solutions which will support you in your pandemic efforts. We propose a few from our range that we feel will best support instant information and messages to staff and visitors in any arena to increase safety measures.

CDS Tauri Digital Signage

Tauri Temperature Tablets

What is better then a digital signage display that can also offer temperature testing? Implement an unbeatable safety protocol in your premises to protect your work force and make your visitors feel safe and at ease. 

The Tauri is a standalone system, easy to operate and requires no physical contact. A reliable system which can detect the temperature of the user within 1 second. Not only this, whilst it is not in use, it can display important messages and information or advertising. 

CDS anti-bac digital signage

Anti-Bacterial Films – Protecting your Digital Signage Displays

There is the communal concern in the market that consumers will be disinclined to use touchscreens in pandemic times. Due to the Virus being able to stay on surfaces for up to 28 days. CDS have come to the rescue with their anti-bacterial films for touchscreens. These protective films kill 99.9% of all bacteria and pathogens. Easy to install and retrofit, and can be CNC cut to any size. 

CDS anti-bac digital signage

Plug and Play USB Digital Signage 

In addition to our new products introduced specifically to protect the public in Covid 19 times, our standard digital signage screens should also be be considered. Not only do we have a full range available with different brightness options, flexible for different application environments but they are also super easy and effective to use. Content can be easily updated for clear and precise messages with an intense and long-lasting visual impact.  

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