CDS offers a wide range of Freestanding Totems

Published: 1 September 2021

CDS has an incredibly wide range of Freestanding Totems poster displays including 46”, 49” and 55” freestanding displays available as standalone digital posters, networked displays and are also available with interactive touchscreens.

Our wide range of Freestanding Totems include ultra-high brightness digital posters with 2,500 nits’ brightness are here. Incredible 46″ / 49” and 55” freestanding posters (other sizes available on request) ideal for window advertising. With advanced features including plug and play built in media player an advanced temperature control system and optional network upgrade.

As well as this we can offer outdoor versions, available in 49” and 55” also available with touch interaction. The sealed IP rated displays are specifically designed to function excellently in many a harsh environment including extreme heat or cold as well as in direct sunlight or high humidity.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Ultra-high brightness panel of 2500 nits
  • Advanced temperature control
  • Toughened glass
  • Sturdy enclosure
  • Anti-reflective glass
  • External ports to attach devices
  • Dust Tight
  • Weatherproof
  • Lockable wall mount
  • Customisable – networked features, cameras, or custom sizes
  • Touch upgrade with 10-point PCAP functionality

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CDS Virtual demonstration videos

At CDS we try to show actual videos of our products and solutions.  We are constantly adding to this range, so if is worth periodically checking this area of the website.  We hope you enjoy these


** Most of our videos are not professionally shot with editing software and fancy effects. They are taken by us and they are raw.  You will see the real product with nothing hidden, we think this is the only way to show the product