Five transparent technologies from CDS

Published: 8 July 2021

Check out the five transparent technologies that CDS offer below with a short summary of each to help get you started. Translucent displays are increasingly popular for creating wow-factor designs and installs. In the past we have heard comments such as “WOW, is that magic?”, and believe us for some incredible installs we have seen over the years it may as well be. The different options available can seem daunting and it may be unclear what will work best for your application. 

Transparent LCD SHOWCASE (finished product)

Transparent display
  • finished product, no integration work needed
  • plug ‘n’ play, inbuilt media player
  • available from 10” to 49”
  • available with in-built interactive touchscreen

Transparent LCD Panels (for integration)

  • need a heavy amount of backlight to enhance the transparency and make it as punchy as possible
  • need integration into a showcase / furniture to enclose the display (assists with containing the backlight, otherwise the light will bleed out)
  • inside the box / design needs to be white to reflect the light
  • do not work well in direct sunlight / window displays
  • work best in lower ambient lighting settings or with more backlighting added
  • black content is opaque and so hides any product behind the transparent LCD, white is transparent. So, you can create a hide and reveal with your content
  • white content is fully transparent and so it is not possible to have white content but there are ways around it with clever content
  • available with touch overlays
  • we can also offer LED backlighting strips
  • from 7″ to 86″

Transluscent OLED

  • self-emitting and so no backlight necessary
  • opposite to transparent LCD, black is transparent and white is opaque
  • limited to 55” only as that is the size of the LG OLED base cell
  • options for videowall configurations to make a larger display
  • do not work best if you wish to have a product behind, do the hide and reveal effect as you can still see through the display

Transparent LED walls

  • larger format transparent displays (can be made up into any size)
  • no backlight needed
  • very high brightness
  • for larger installs where the audience is further away (within shop windows / shopping malls etc.

Transparent 3DP displays

Finally the last of our Five transparent technologies is our fabulous Transparent 3DP displays

  • transparent LCD, paired with a rear high brightness screen which acts as the backlight but also creates another layer of content and thus creates a 3D effect
  • you can add products in between the two layers also
  • you can also add the showcase box and more lighting to enhance the transparency but not always necessary
  • available from 21.5” to 86”
  • available with touch

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CDS Virtual demonstration videos

At CDS we try to show actual videos of our products and solutions.  We are constantly adding to this range, so if is worth periodically checking this area of the website.  We hope you enjoy these


** Most of our videos are not professionally shot with editing software and fancy effects. They are taken by us and they are raw.  You will see the real product with nothing hidden, we think this is the only way to show the product